I work shifts to maximize your success.

How can I shift you today?

There are many ways I can shift your life:

Realizing that you hold the power over your life

Surrounding yourself around true team players that want to see you “Win” in life.

Fostering and maintaining long lasting relationships

Spiritually connected to a higher being

Controlling your behavior and de-regulating angers

Discovering your true destiny and purpose

Having a positive outlook on life and avoid negativity within your realm

Championing for a meaningful cause dear to heart

Minding your own business and growing your focus

Creating a masterful plan to live by daily

Defining who you are and not someone else

Improving health and fitness by making the right food choices coupled with exercise

Having effective communication that’s clear and concise

Building your overall self-esteem and confidence

Effortlessly channeling your pain for a gain and enhance your drive

SEL Coaching

Tina is currently serving her 3rd year as an SEL Coach with YMCA of Middle Tennessee's NAZA program within 3 Middle Schools:

Donelson Middle, Dupont Tyler Middle and Margaret Allen Middle.

Due to her program success, Tomorrow's Leaders for Change, she has been asked to participate in a Charter Development Grant for the upcoming 2017-2018 academic school year in partnership with YMCA.

Need Tina to come to your school & provide Social & Emotional Learning to your students?

Here are just a few hot topics discussed with the Youth:

  • Count on You: How to Discover you and Define self.
  • Shine on: Talent development and channeling your energy on crafting your gifts.
  • Seed of Positivity vs. Soil of Negativity: Thinking positive vs damaging effects of negativity and how it can slowly damage your life.
  • Star vs. Rats Theory: Opposites Do Attract, Star is the opposite of Rats. Rats are often compared to bullies.
  • Labels & Definitions: Temporary labels vs. Permanent definitions. You are defined by your actions not by labels owned by bullies.

** ALL coaching sessions are confidential and not discussed with any other parties**

Latest Testimonials

“Tina, I passed with B. Thank you so much and you are the best!”

“Tina, you’re the kind of woman who gives so much for those she loves…and who touches so many lives with warmth and kindness.”

“I love your sessions. Because of your sessions I feel more confident, raise my hand in class, don’t suffer in being shy nor silence.”

“Tina, you are a blessing to the Y “Z” Program. Thank you for giving your time and talent to make a difference in the lives.”