Calorie Balancing

Where Counting Calories Adds Up to Losing Weight

Want to know how I lost 30 Pounds?

Watching my calories!  You can eat what you want with “Portion Control” in mind!

I’ve shown countless individuals my calorie balancing act and it has worked coupled with “Exercise”

I will help you understand how it works and how this 60 day health & fitness plan can lead to a lifetime of consciousness on which foods to stay away from on a daily basis, balancing your meal plan with fruits, vegetables along with all the other tasty foods you love to eat!

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Testimonials from the Fitness Challenge

DianneSuch a great call today that Tina did with her fitness presentation and so appreciate how she partnered with Joanne to bring this message to VBN…….what a wonderful testimony, Tina of how God is using your own challenges and victories to show younger generations (and their families) that they too can be overcomers……..

Alwanda –  Tina did an awesome job teaching us. We keep getting valuable info that is helping us continue to be Fit for the Master’s Use.

Sylvia – Thank you Tina for sharing your journey, educating and encouraging us. I love your ministry, It is really awesome. I found myself making better choices even today. Thank you so much. Im in on the challenge.

Angela – I love our motivator Tina Pool! She keeps us pumped and moving forward. Thanks for leading our VBN Healthy Heart to a 60 Day Challenge. We’re already seeing success. I encourage other women to join us!

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